❝ Words can kill people, and words can give people life. That’s why I want to become a person who can make people happy with words. That’s my goal. ❞

— 10 random facts about Yamada Ryosuke being the cutest human in the world —

• If he wasn’t an idol, he would like to be a kindergarten teacher, because he loves kids.

• On a school trip in high school, he lost in janken and had to sing karaoke for everyone. He sang Mori no Kuma-san.

• The first time he would go meet his girlfriend’s parents at their home, he would show up in a bear costume, so that it could break the ice and make them laugh.

• Usually when he gets home, he takes off one sock, then thinks it’s too cold, so he leaves the other one on. But as it would be too troublesome putting the other back on, he walks around with wearing only one sock.

• To correct his bad sleeping posture, he sleeps hugging a big teddy bear, that is actually Lots-O’-Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3.

• When JUMP did an event at Sendai after the tsunami, he was so touched to be there that he started crying out loud during his speech. After the event he wrote Hana egao.

• “Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara” set had sweets that both Yamada and Ohno really liked, so Yamada looked up what they were and went to buy some for Ohno.

• Sometimes he brings pictures of puppies to the dressing room to look at them during breaks, because it soothes him. Lately he’s enchanted by teacup poodles. He also loves going to animal shops to look and pet different animals while dreaming about getting them.

• He has a picture of the JUMP members together, taken on Chinen’s birthday, framed up at home.

• Once Yamada and Keito went out pretty late in the evening, and at one shop Ride With Me was playing. Yamada’s the type to naturally feel like dancing when he hears music, so he had to hold himself back not to. When they got out of the store, he quickly checked that no-one’s around and started dancing the chorus while Keito laughed.

Yamada trying to keep a poker face during a hidden camera prank

What’s in the box?

I fell into tumblr’s april fool’s prank ugh

But this hat suits Ryosuke so well LOL Look at the icon. This is called SWAG guysss


There are two different types of japanese adjectives. “i-adjectives” and “na-adjectives”. Some examples ^-^


There are two different types of japanese adjectives. “i-adjectives” and “na-adjectives”. Some examples ^-^

Screencap Meme : Yamajima + My Emotions - requested by anonymous

Screencap Meme : Yamajima + My Emotions - requested by anonymous


Street clothes collection from Myojo! (Shintaro, Juri, Yasui, Jesse, Yugo & Taiga)

"I wonder if everyone feels like this. They’re smiling, but they’re crying inside, it seems like they’re doing well, but they’re actually falling apart."

Shitsuren Chocolatier (via qisforquaesitosaurus)


Matsumoto Jun | GOO.N new CMs preview at Mezanyu 2014.02.25

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Lately, me and my friends are noticing some Hey! Say! JUMP posts with tags that are not very nice.

As we all should know, some things should not be said even as a joke about the members because it might seem easy to you, but it might hurt your favorite member. In the…